Death’s Door is a game for PC and consoles that was released in 2021. Now publisher Netflix is ​​preparing a mobile version; You will need an active subscription to play it.

There is no release date for Death’s Door on iOS or Android yet; Netflix promises to release it “soon.”

In the Death’s Door storyline, the player collects souls of the dead, making a living from it. One day, someone stole the soul you needed and hid in places inaccessible to Death.

In Death’s Door you can use melee weapons, arrows and magic. This will help in battles with fantastic creatures and even demigods. The developers promise that the story will be both dark and comical.

Death’s Door has received very positive reviews on Steam. Players note that they completed it “binge-watching” over the weekend and have no regrets. They attribute to this project the “Metroidvania” genre with a slight admixture of Souls-like mechanics.

If you pay attention, you will find secrets in Death’s Door. The hero will need to be strengthened, but the pumping system is simple. So passing is a must.


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