Deadhouse, a fresh gothic project from Apocalypse Studios Inc, has many advantages. This is another Denis Diak vampire themed game that will blow your mind. Genre: Role / RPG. You can play it on PS, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. And it’s completely free.

Denis Diak has extensive experience in the field of game production. According to him, he took inspiration and ideas for Deadhause Sonata from his own previous projects, such as: Blood Omen, TooHuman and of course Legacy of Kain. Deadhause will combine the best qualities of the author’s previous works. Most of all, this game is awaited by those who longed for the continuation of Legacy of Kain. The new mysticism can be called the “heir” of the old projects. We can expect mysterious storytelling and graphics from the Open 3D Engine from the upcoming game.

Immortal, fantastic creatures and people will fight in your world. You will have the role of the dark forces. Creature classes are divided into 7. These are: Vampires, Revenants, Liches, Ghouls, Wraiths, Wights, Banshees. You will have a choice for 1 class. Objectives are usually based on fights with your enemies. Strong opponents await you, and thanks to your magic, as well as terrifying attacks, you will be able to overcome them. An example of magic: a vampire can suck the blood of a person and this can become a source for spells. When you win, you collect points and strength for yourself.

Deadhaus Sonata

A few characteristics of the classes:

  • Wraiths: Absolutely silent creatures that are surrounded by chains. The same chains do not allow ghosts to return to the world of the dead. Immortal. They seem like a weak breeze and a light cloak that flies through the streets. But in fact, they are filled with dark power and can painfully hurt you. They may be spies or assassins.
  • Ghoul (Ghoul): Loves flesh. Ready to consume all that is made of flesh. Its bones are crooked and its very long, sharp teeth protrude and jaws expand to eat the body. It crawls with a crooked spine and sharp nails that tear through flesh. And his nose can feel the presence of flesh almost everywhere. Such creatures crave food more and more, going mad with hunger.
  • Banshee (Banshee): Banshees were never alive. The realm of the dead is their kind. They always cry quietly on the sidelines, or, on the contrary, scream from anger and pain. From the presence meant death. They made a deal with the Evil Prince and had power over death. Her scream is so penetrating that it can tear body parts into small pieces.
  • Vampires: Vampires are always involved in blood sacrifice. The most powerful of their kind is the Red Lady. They usually offer her blood. However, if you do not complete the task correctly, then the blood will have to be sucked out of the vampires themselves. Vampires take on the appearance of humans when they are actually beasts.
  • Revenant (Revenants): Usually revenants are not associated with any magic or alchemy. They rise from the souls of people who have suffered a horrific event in their lives and left hatred in themselves. Offended souls become stronger and superior to the dead.
  • Liche (Lychee): These creatures are cunning and want to live more than they are given. But it is worth noting that not everyone has the willpower to survive the difficult path to immortality. They can fill their bodies with new parts of organs and bones in order to live longer. However, sometimes only magic helps them.
  • Whites (Wights): Whites are very strong fighters. They are always on defense and always appear on the battlefield. With the help of alchemy, their bodies were recreated. Their death was the essence of their creation. They are made from many corpses.

Deadhaus Sonata

Collect weapons, attributes, artifacts to upgrade yourself and be stronger. If you have a lot of tools, then there is the ability to create quests and characters. According to Diak, players who invest money will be no different from other players.

Since this is an RPG that contains slash, fantasy, action and a complex story, your actions and decisions will undoubtedly influence the outcome of events. And on your hero, and on the world around. Therefore, it is worth thinking more often and considering different options for the consequences.

The developers took care of the streamers and decided to give them the opportunity to broadcast the game on Twitch. Spectators can watch the game and streamers can chat with them.

Thus, many people can watch the game.

Deadhause Sanata does not require much, but it is mandatory to have an internet connection. You can survive and spend time in the game with a group of up to six people, and if you want to experience extreme sports and get a unique experience, then you can play alone. Third person game. The creators plan to create a mobile version for smartphones and tablets if many people like the game.

Deadhaus Sonata

If you are going to play on a laptop, then make sure you have enough RAM and a good amount of RAM. Many laptops can overheat. In general, if your device specifications are below the minimum requirements of the game, then it will not be easy to play Deadhouse Sanata. You may experience severe lags and freezes.

The game carries a lot of cruel scenes with blood, scary creatures, violence, so the game is only for people over 18 years old and can damage the psyche, so you should think before playing.

You can download the game on the official website via torrent and play immediately after downloading. It is distributed on Steam. You can play Dedhause Sanata in Russian.

This game will definitely appeal to those who want to feel like an immortal and omnipotent being, defeating mere mortals. The game is free, accessible and most importantly has many fantastic features. If you like this genre, then this game is for you.


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