The brutal, bloody shooter Deadfall from indie developer BekkerDev Studio appeared in Steam yesterday – November 6th. The game is inspired by the old Far Cry 2004 and action films of the 80s and 90s, so there are a lot of elements reminiscent of Rambo or Predator. The developer also promises a lot of references, humor and a hand-written soundtrack in the metal genre.

Deadfall takes us to Rockford Island, where a drug to breed a superman is being created in a secret laboratory. We, Sergeant Roach Craig, were tasked not only with infiltrating a guarded facility, but also with finding another saboteur, agent Alex Byrne, who had stopped communicating. Will we be able to save the missing person or will the whole story turn into bloody horror?

According to the author of the game, in Deadfall we will find long levels, many epic shootouts, a large selection of weapons, as well as land and water transport, which will only lead to more chaos. This classic action set is flavored with dynamic storytelling, a plot with unexpected twists and two difficulty modes.



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