At Dead Cells there was a small anniversary – the “bagel” got the 30th update, Enter the Panchaku.

Main news:

  • Panchaks are nunchaku pans that deal critical damage to enemies in front of you. During a combo, the character hits from all sides, and in the middle of a combo, he can deflect bombs and projectiles.
  • Costume from the animated trailers – with a head in pink flames.
  • Rebalance of 29 weapons, abilities and mutations.
  • Recycling “legendaries”. The main change is that legendary weapons now have legendary affixes (skills like additional damage to opponents with bleeding).
  • The main character’s costume and weapons from soul knight. The weapon is a magical bow that fires five slow homing arrows at the nearest enemy. Each hit on one target deals more damage than the previous one.
  • Possibility to stroke pets. To show love to your companion, you need to hold the interaction button in the location between the biomes. The owl was not included in the deal …

All changes can be found in the patch notes.

And the developers announced NFT for Dead Cells:

To celebrate the release of Update 30, we’re releasing 30 NFTs that unlock exclusive in-game content. The release date is “never” because we don’t touch it. Gotcha…

motion twin and Evil Empire promise to soon share news about the upcoming mode, where it will be possible to fight all the bosses in turn.

Recently, the authors outlined plans until the end of 2022 and called 2023 the most important year in history Dead Cells.


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