The developers of Dead by Daylight Mobile announced the start of a collaboration with Attack on Titan. It will last from October 26 to November 9. This is a Halloween event, which is a bit of a shame – it would be better to have a collab with horror films.

The rewards will include themed skins, divided into several rarity levels: silver, gold and platinum. Moreover, skins often differ in appearance depending on the episode and chapter of the anime or manga.

In addition to the above skins, DbD Mobile players will have access to outfits from previous collaborations of this game with Attack on Titan.

The new collab will offer much more than just skins – it comes with unique charms, avatars, clothes and accessories. They can be obtained for free for active participation in the event.

By the way, the accessory system will be used for the first time in the mobile version of Dead by Daylight Mobile. It was the Attack on Titan event that launched this system. These trinkets not only change the appearance of the hero, but also give him buffs.


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