Cross-platform play Dawnlands enters CBT on April 15th at approximately 3am PDT. Developers transmitthat the beta test will run on Android and PC. In this case, the smartphone must have at least 3 GB of RAM, otherwise you need to download the PC client through Steam.

So far, the developers of Dawnlands have not indicated which regions will take part, but testing will definitely be limited to countries. It will probably be Southeast Asia.

The test version of Dawnlands will offer single and multiplayer modes. Note that for them it will be necessary to create separate worlds. Also, single mode can be enjoyed on different devices, you just need to upload the data to the servers.

Dawnlands developers say a link to the beta will appear on the Google Play page. So far, the game cannot be downloaded anywhere, and the start of the servers was generally planned on April 13-14.

Dawnlands testing will last until April 26th. We expect all progress to be deleted after the servers are shut down.

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