Russian game server

In the famous online game DarkOrbit, there are more than fifty servers where you can quit. Each server is a complete copy of the game world and is designed for a specific language group. There are English servers, German servers, English, Mexican, and other Dark Orbit servers, including, of course, Russian ones, the game on which is fully translated into our native one. In general, almost every significant country has at least one, and more often several servers.

The game also has an international server, but I don’t understand who needs it. Yes, playing together with foreigners can be interesting, but when you have a Spaniard on the left and a Japanese on the right, it is simply impossible to communicate with each other.

So if you are not a polyglot, feel free to choose Russia server. On any of the Russian servers there are always at least 2 thousand players online. And in total, about 1.5 million people are registered in the game, so you will always find a company for yourself.

The main Dark Orbit server is German, which is not surprising, the game is still German. So all the innovations of the game appear first there, and only then on all other servers.

There are no restrictions in the DarkOrbit game.

You have the right to choose any of the proposed servers. After all, in fact, apart from the interface language, they are no different from each other – the same registration, just choose a planet, get a ship and other necessary things for the game. And if you have already played Dark Orbit, then the language barrier does not matter at all. After all, the interface of the game is very simple.

Another important point, all the servers in the Dark Orbit game are absolutely free (although, of course, each has paid features, as well as the opportunity to purchase a premium account). So, which server to play on, by and large, is not so important.

So, if you decide to play on a Russian server (and I recommend it), you should register on the official Russian Dark Orbit website. I wish you success!


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