Dark Souls 3 is a great game for those who love hardcore. For beginners, this game may seem too difficult, so today we will give 10 tips that will help you get used to the game faster. If you have already played this series, we also advise you to read it, perhaps you will learn something new for yourself.

Top 10 Newbie Tips

Dark souls is one of the most difficult games to play, but you should not refuse to play it because of this – you will lose too much. How to play it – we will tell further.

Tip 1. Patience and more patience!

You will die a lot in the game, so just accept it and instead of getting upset, start analyzing the tactics of the enemy. Watch for attacks, remember after which there is a pause, during which you can make a hit. In the event of the death of a hero, you lose all the accumulated souls, which are the currency in the game. But don’t worry: if you can get to the same place without dying again, you’ll get back everything you’ve lost. If there are slow enemies on the map, you can just run through them.

Tip 2. The shield is a powerful defense

Use weapons, even if it is not very familiar (especially for those who previously played Bloodborne). The shield will seriously help in some situations, it can parry attacks – the main thing is that the ammunition has this option. Parry is very effective, especially against bosses, but it’s not the easiest move. So you have to practice.

Tip 3. Weapon strikes

There are several types of attacks in the game, and each weapon has a unique one. Therefore, do not be lazy to use a new weapon, even if a cross hangs on it. Try it, maybe you will find something new that you like the most. Don’t forget also about attacks when the character is holding equipment with both hands. There is also a strike that uses mana. Enemies with their backs to you can be hit with a backstab. A strong blow becomes available immediately after parrying an enemy attack. Fans of admiring the view on the edge of the cliff can be thrown off with a regular kick.

Tip 4. Game Metrics

While playing Dark Souls 3, don’t forget to follow the 3 bars in the corner of the screen:

  1. Red – shows how much “life” you have left. To increase it, drink estus. You can replenish it by the fire. To do this, you need to burn a burning bone of the undead. The number of flasks is increased by collecting shards. The Estus Flask can also be upgraded to regenerate more health. The necessary ingredients are found during the exploration of the world.
  2. The blue bar is responsible for the mana that is spent when using magic and special attacks. Magicka is replenished with blue estus. You can distribute how many flasks you will have for health, and how many for mana, you can at the blacksmith.
  3. Green bar – responsible for stamina. This resource is spent on hits and magic, as well as when blocking and rebounding. Keep an eye on this indicator so that it is always enough for the last hit or to jump back in time.

All 3 parameters can be upgraded by leveling up.

Tip 5. Locations

Be sure to explore a new place: collect various useful things, “lights”, open chests. There are no useless things in Dark Souls. Read the descriptions of the items, and then you will know what, where and when to use. On locations, look for secret rooms or illusory walls. In order to open them, it is not necessary to hit with a sword – this wears out your weapon. It is enough just to roll into the wall. Open short paths to the bosses, this will allow you to clear the location and spend souls on pumping.

Important! Do not forget to read the user’s hints, but do not believe everything that is written there – they can both help and kill, prompting, for example, to jump into the abyss.

Tip 6. Chat with characters

In the game, the plot is presented in the description of the items and in the dialogues with various characters. You should talk with the characters until the moment when the conversation starts to repeat itself. It often happens that characters give you something. They can also tell a lot of useful things, and it will be useful to return to some after a while: perhaps, after some new event, a new dialogue will appear. Don’t forget about the characters you’re on the quest for.

Tip 7. Focus on the enemy

Using this skill, it is more convenient to go behind the back of some enemies. However, this technique does not always work, so experiment, perhaps it is he who is suitable in a particular situation.

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Dark souls 3

Tip 8. Play alone

Believe me, over time you will get used to such hardcore gameplay and will have fun. But, if you can’t get past some boss, you can call for help up to 3 players who will definitely solve all your problems. To see these very calls, you need to become “adhesive” with the help of coal and the boss must not be defeated on the location. And in order to summon the 4th player, you must use additional dried fingers, which are sold by the old woman in the temple of Fire. But be careful: summoning a 3rd phantom will trigger a red phantom, and sometimes more than one.

Tip 9. Character leveling

Can’t level up and constantly lose earned souls? Then get a white crayon from the old woman in the Fire Temple, with which you can join other players and help them. The key feature is that even if you die with help, you will not lose the earned souls. In such a simple way, you can accumulate a decent amount of them, as well as collect coals that are given for killing the boss.

Tip 10. How not to lose everything

It will come in handy if you have accumulated enough currency, but have not cleared the location. Accordingly, there is a risk of losing everything and not running again. Such situations are rare, but you need to be aware of them. A special ring can help. If you suddenly die, it will break, but you will not lose anything. As the game progresses, you will find several of these rings – look carefully. Do not forget to take it off when not needed and when you help someone, because in case of death it will also break.

We hope our tips will help you understand Dark Souls and learn how to enjoy this game. To start playing, you need to go to the store and purchase activation keys.


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