Platformer Salt and Sacrifice – sequel Salt and Sanctuary 2016 – will finally receive a port for Nintendo Switch and the ability to purchase through Steam (and, accordingly, a port for Steam Deck). Ska Studios announced that the game will appear in Valve store and Nintendo Store on November 7. On the same day, The Traitor’s Tomb update will be released for Salt and Sacrifice, which will bring an expansion of the game world by 20%, a handful of new NPCs and 5 bosses.

Let us remind you that Salt and Sacrifice was released back in May 2022 immediately for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (exclusive for Epic Games Store).

Salt and Sacrifice takes us on an amazing journey through a kingdom destroyed by chaos. Once upon a time, elemental magicians invaded this peaceful country, destroying it to the ground – now history repeats itself. We have to face them and protect what is left of the once great kingdom.

The main characters – that is, us – are asked to use the strength of their opponents to create terrifying weapons and equipment from their blood and flesh. In this war, any means are good, so our arsenal will be replenished not only with frightening weapons, but also with ancient runic spells. And in a dangerous adventure, other players will come to our aid in co-op or in inter-faction PvP.



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