“MEGA” – the second season of the fourth chapter Fortnite. In it you will visit the neon city of Mega City and ride on the rail, as well as get new weapons, vehicles and reality improvements. Fresh equipment is also in place.


New weapon

Weapons from storage

Weapons from the first season of the fourth chapter

  • Shotgun “Expert”.

  • Machine “Scarlet Eye”.

  • Submachine gun with twin magazine.

  • Tactical pistol.

  • Nuclear gun.


Bubbling Nectar has become legendary – now it quickly and at the same time restores a lot of health and shield.

It can be found in vaults that can be opened with card keys, in the area with a rift, and in combat caches.

Reality Enhancements


  • “Unexpected Find” – when you come out of hiding, loot appears nearby. The effect triggers once for each cover.

  • Treasure Seeker – Marks nearby chests when you first enter an area of ​​interest.

  • Surplus Nectar – You find Invigorating Nectar in every chest. If the chest already had Invigorating Nectar, you will receive another one.

  • Medium Ammo Ammo Upgrade – Weapons that fire medium caliber rounds will have their magazine size increased.

  • Fractional Economy – A weapon that fires Shotgun Shells sometimes does not consume ammo.

From the first chapter of the fourth season

  • “Nimble Fingers”.

  • “Sniper’s Joy”

  • “Flying Day”

  • “Sharp Shooter”.

  • Meduzolov.

  • “Snoop”.

  • “Shadow Eliminator”.

  • “Parkour!”

  • “Keymaker”.

mega city

Surroundings of the new biome

Mega City is not the only new district, but a small part of the new biome. In the new area of ​​the southeast region of the island, you will see:


In Mega City, you can get from one block to another using the rail, which allows you to go around the building and elude the enemy. During the ride on the rail, you can use weapons.


Purchasing the new Battle Pass will immediately unlock the Renzo the Destroyer outfit. To get the rest of the equipment, you need to increase the level of the “battlepass”.

Rejection of Windows 7 and 8

Now for playing Fortnite Requires Windows 10 or newer OS version. Support for Windows 7 and 8 has officially ended, but as an alternative, developers offer the GeForce NOW cloud service.


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