Cyber ​​Rebellion is a mobile game that was released on November 10th on iOS and Android. The publisher Neocraft added the Russian language, and the general setting is made in a cyberpunk style.

Cyber ​​Rebellion players will have to collect rare heroes through the gacha system. The developers promise console graphics and a plot set in 2177—Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t even exist then.

Cyber ​​Rebellion will offer various modes — we need to rebuild territories, protect them from raids, and also resist the Apocalypse itself. The main thing is to build a supply chain and constantly obtain resources, even when you are offline. And more advanced players will be able to fight back against world bosses together with their comrades.

The developers of Cyber ​​Rebellion promise extensive improvement of the hero – you can insert prosthetics into him, improve his skills and make his build narrowly focused. This game features turn-based battles with a large number of animations. The leader, that is, you, is free to choose which ability of the hero to use.

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