publishing house Curve Games and Swedish indie studio Neon Giant introduced an addition Cyber ​​Heist for a top-down shooter The Ascent. The add-on will be released on August 18th.

The plot of the DLC starts after the finale of the main campaign. Your former employer, Kira, has a new top-secret assignment. It will be available to those who completed the base game. Like the original, the expansion supports single player and co-op.

Cyber ​​Heist will offer the following content:

  • New weapons, including for close combat.

  • New locations.

  • New mandatory and side quests.

  • New enemies.

The add-on will sell for €9.99/$9.99. The list of platforms is not mentioned in the press release. Herself The Ascent Released on PC (Steam), PlayStation and Xbox.


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