Do you have a weakness for games with bright cartoon graphics, a cozy atmosphere and cute characters? Pay attention to the roguelite in the spirit of the dungeon crawler and the game Stardew Valley – Cuisineer, in which we have to manage a restaurant and clear out dungeons. This is the debut project for the Singaporean developer BattleBrew Productions, but it is clear that the game immediately fell into the hearts of the players. Currently in Steam already 93% positive reviews.

Cuisineer invites us to play as a heroine who has returned to the city of her childhood to take over the management of a family restaurant. But upon arrival it turns out that it has been closed for a long time and is mired in debt. The only way out is to take everything into your own hands and achieve prosperity.

Venture beyond the city limits to battle artillery shrimp, giant chickens, and even fire-breathing peppers. Collect ingredients from your plot and cook crazy dishes to bring the restaurant back to popularity. Discover more than a hundred different recipes from around the world: from Popiah rolls to Kaya jam. Finally, explore the procedurally generated Green Ruins, Frozen Fjord, and Konpeito Swamps to battle monsters and obtain even more rare ingredients.



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