Turn on rock and roar! It’s time to conquer the wastelands! Think about what the world will look like after a nuclear war? Watch movies about Mad Max or replay for long evenings in Bandits: Mad Marx (aka Bandits: Phoenix Rising) then there is a real gift for such fans without tower racing across post-nuclear expanses.

And now I’m talking about a game that has been released in open testing called Crossout.

CROSSOUT is a post-apocalyptic MMO action game in which you can assemble a uniquely designed armored vehicle from dozens of parts and then fight it in hot multiplayer battles. Isn’t this what every real man dreams of?!

And if in your real garage there is a good old Zhiguli of the sixth model or Lada “Eggplant”, then in your virtual garage you can collect a real monster. After all, it is not for nothing that the motto of the game is three simple words, which actually can describe the entire game process. Build, drive, destroy!
Crossout can be called a kind of World of Tanks for those who love furious and fast action.

So, what do we have when entering the game? The player is a kind of wanderer who is miraculously thrown into the expanses of a ruthless post-apocalyptic world. Actually here we are met by representatives of the gaming factions. Now there are four (already available and one still closed) factions in the game: mechanics, rabid, scavengers, steppe wolves and wanderers. Initially, it is impossible to choose any particular faction, but in fact, another important side of the game pops up here. You earn reputation from faction to faction from battle to battle and thus open up new parts for your car, as well as other gadgets.

And now it’s worth considering the factions in the game in more detail …

Faction Engineers: A faction of jack-of-all-trades altruists. This is a semi-official organization that seeks to help people survive in the vastness of the new world.
They do not care about wealth or ideology, they try to help everyone equally. By increasing your reputation with their faction, you can get a lot of new parts from these craftsmen from weapons to cockpits. This starting faction is exactly what you need for the initial development of the player.

They can repair broken equipment and create new ones. Faction masters can build for you any part obtained in world loot from scrap metal.
And some craftsmen for a reasonable price will build a rare blue part or weapon for you. They have various machines and other useful equipment at their disposal.
Mechanics really want to help, and therefore try to do everything in good faith. The details and mechanisms that their craftsmen create must be not only useful, but also strong and durable.

Actually, they will supply the novice conqueror of the expanses of the wasteland with everything necessary. But in the future, you will need to enlist the support of other factions.

Faction rabid: Representatives of this faction resemble the classic wasteland raiders. They love everything fast, noisy and dangerous.
These real psychos drive fast armored vehicles assembled from light structures, make shrapnel shotguns from old grenade launchers, rocket launchers, explosive spears. Decorate cars with spikes and skulls to intimidate the enemy.

As always, upon reaching certain levels of reputation, the player will receive new parts. The designs of representatives of this faction are as light as possible and have almost nothing under them except a frame. This allows you to be very fast and nimble, which can cause a lot of problems for the enemy on the battlefield.
Craftsmen will be able to create rare blue parts, epic equipment and weapons, and some legendary weapons for the player if you show that you are worthy of their trust.

The next faction to explore will be Drifter faction: The wanderers as a faction are as close as possible to the concept of “ordinary people”. Their machines are the perfect representation in terms of the balance of power and speed. When used correctly, Drifter vehicles will be good on missions. The wanderers are especially good in the raids Pursuit of cargo, Assault, Abduction.

Thrace Scavengers: They are ideal for those who are ready to sacrifice speed and maneuverability for the sake of creating a real fortress on wheels.
If you manage to fend off the annoying and fast machines of the Drifters and Lunatics in missions, then you can often lead your team to victory.
Vehicles made from Scavenger parts are good in Invasion mode to counter Leviathans, they also perform well in Assault and Escort raids.

Faction Steppenwolves: This faction becomes playable after level 25 reputation with the Engineer faction. It represents a real military organization. On the Workbench of the Steppenwolfs you can create the only epic cabin Hunchback, Mechanical legs MN-L 200, armored car wheels. By choosing the Steppenwolf faction, you will be able to create especially powerful and heavy vehicles that can withstand the most formidable enemies.

There is also the most neutral and, in principle, an intermediate faction. Merchant faction: They act as a kind of buffer between the new humanity and the old. They are shunned, but they use their services, because they can get into the most dangerous places where the path is ordered for an ordinary person.

Well, here’s the future conqueror of the wasteland, you got to know the highlights of the game and everyone who survives in this new world.


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