In this material we will discuss the current state of the project and answer the question of whether Crossout is relevant in 2023.

Crossout review in 2023

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Crossout was originally released back in 2016. The project attracted the audience with the unusual concept of post-apocalyptic battles in cars hung with tons of weapons. A sort of “Mad Max” online, and thanks to this, the action game still remains relevant among fans of this genre.

Now let’s talk about its different elements in more detail.


In the latest version of the game in 2023, the gameplay, as before, is based on two main elements: designing your unique car and direct battles.

In the first case, everything happens in a garage, in which you can cook up a real death machine from various parts. The local wheelbarrow editor is very flexible, it gives the player room for imagination, however, as before, you will have to take into account the maximum weight of the structure and correctly calculate the amount and specifics of the equipment installed on it.

The second element – ​​battles – is and will be what people actually come to Crossout for. At the very beginning, you will have to carry out a certain number of battles against bots – in this format, a kind of training takes place. You learn to control your car, as well as position yourself on the battlefield. You will fight against players a little later, as you level up your account.

In addition to classic PvP, which takes place here in several modes (such as capturing and holding points, total domination by points or completely destroying the enemy team), you can also fight in Crossout within PvE. As a rule, boss battles take place for valuable resources, which are subsequently spent on crafting equipment and spare parts. Without this, you will not be able to improve your car, so get ready to grind, replaying the same maps dozens of times.

We also have a full-fledged storyline that develops with the release of major updates. If you are just planning to break into the game, you will be greeted by a very long campaign, accompanied by cinematic cutscenes. Its main message is not only to introduce you to the history of the world, but also to provide the opportunity to farm initial resources for further use in the garage. We went through the story, made our own car and, forward, into online battles.

Combat system

Crossout game review – is it worth playing in 2023?

The combat system in Crossout is arcade-style. That is, there are no difficulties, you just hold down the trigger and release a hail of bullets at the enemy. Your car can be loaded with a lot of weapons, and maybe one or two large-caliber guns. Yes, the game provides the opportunity to make different builds, taking into account your personal preferences: you can be mobile and attack enemies with a scattering of bullets from a machine gun, or you can fire one or two shots, focusing on causing critical damage.

When you encounter an enemy and a fight ensues, you and he can shoot off part of the car, which will be of practical importance. For example, by removing metal layers from the hood, you can damage the engine or shoot off the guns, and then you will have nothing to shoot with. You can knock off the wheels and immobilize the vehicle, or you can blow it up by hitting the fuel tank a couple of times.

Standing in one place and targeting enemies, like in World of Tanks, won’t work – in Crossout, movement equals life. Get ready to constantly maneuver and predict the actions of your opponents, as well as work as a team – this is the only way to not only survive, but also win the long-awaited victory in the round.

Graphics and sound

Crossout game review – is it worth playing in 2023?

There is no musical accompaniment in Crossout, as such, but the other sounds are quite rich. Shooting, ramming, engine running. Particularly impressive are the explosions, which, if heard close to your author, can deafen you for a couple of seconds.

As for the picture, since the release of the first version of the game, the graphics have improved considerably. The developers played with lighting, reflections and added different times of day to the map. Battles can take place at sunset or at night, during rain or foggy weather.


Leveling up in Crossout is very fast, especially at the beginning. They give you a lot of bonuses, generously pour in spare parts and give you weak bots as rivals, which are easy to defeat. You can level up in relationships with several factions, which give out different rewards for reaching a certain threshold. The game also has a system of daily and weekly tasks. By completing them, you will receive even more experience and scrap metal.

You can trade things obtained in battles at the market, dumping junk you don’t need there. The only limitation may be the fuel that is spent on races in online modes. That is, you won’t be able to go headlong into being a teenager; there is a certain threshold of activity. True, there may be a donation here that will allow you to buy any amount of fuel and continue grinding.

Conclusions: is Crossout worth playing in 2023?

Crossout game review – is it worth playing in 2023?

After reading all of the above, you have probably already made your decision whether to jump into Crossout in 2023. Overall, I don’t see any limitations in at least evaluating the game since it’s completely free. Yes, there is a donation, but it does not make a critical difference, since the key to victory in PvP is well-coordinated teamwork, and not the grade of guns of any particular player. Of course, if your squad has all the donors, but the enemies do not, then you are guaranteed to win. However, if this happens, it happens in one match out of a million.

On the other hand, Crossout can give you a lot of positive emotions, especially if you perceive the game as entertainment for a couple of hours a day. Poking around in the garage brings particular joy, when you can create a real monster or a car freak, it all depends on your personal preferences.

In any case, there are no analogs of Crossout yet, especially on the Russian market. I recommend that you take a closer look at this entertainment, which can easily drag you in for a good day.


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