Pixel Starships 2 is a cross-platform MMO that will be released on smartphones and PCs in 2024. To successfully develop the game, developers from SavySoda launched a Kickstarter campaign and asked for $25,000. As a result, in 1 day they donated almost $85,000. I note that the game will still be on Kickstarter for 53 days.

In Pixel Starships 2 there will be Russian language, which is very pleasing. The goal of the developers is to create an ultimate strategy with shipbuilding in a sci-fi setting. Players are promised 3D graphics, but in a familiar 2D perspective. For the second part they will use a new engine to add additional game elements. Thus, SavySoda will add some popular features to Pixel Starshipswhich the developers could not implement due to engine limitations.

Features of Pixel Starships 2

  • Many races and factions;
  • PvP battles;
  • Diplomacy, Recruitment and Research;
  • Full control of the ship;
  • Creation of alliances between players;
  • Possibility of automatic battles and autonomous play thanks to the creation of situational AI commands for the crew.



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