If you’re looking for something spooky for Halloween, we’ve got some good news: the Polish text-based horror title World of Horror has finally left Early Access after being in Early Access for over three years. A game from developer Pavel Kozminsky, inspired by the horrors of Junji-Ito, appeared in Steam, GOGon the site Itch.io and in Microsoft Store. Versions for Switch and PlayStation 4 are expected on October 26.

World of Horror is an unusual role-playing game that tells the story of a small Japanese seaside town and its inhabitants. It is on their behalf that we have to face terrifying creatures and inexplicable phenomena that literally tear reality apart. Players will be able to “investigate the mysteries plaguing the city and seek the truth behind the crimes of humans and monsters,” as well as solve a sea of ​​puzzles, collect items, and cast spells.

As I said one of the authors Eurogamer:

“World of Horror is unlike any horror game I have encountered before. Unfortunately, due to its instability during Early Access, the adventure crashed several times, taking away your hard-won progress. But my eagerness to continue is a testament to the game’s creativity. I’m still here, still playing, still interested, still wanting to know what will happen to this sleepy fishing village and its doomed inhabitants.”



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