CookieRun: The Darkest Night is a virtual reality game where gamers take on the role of a resurrected cookie. She will have to free her friends, for which she will have to run through dungeons and fight enemies from a first-person view.

CookieRun: The Darkest Night will be available for Quest 2, 3 and Pro virtual reality headsets. The first chapter should be released this winter and only on PC.

The CookieRun: The Darkest Night trailer also showed how Cookie uses a hammock as a sleeper. These are probably save points and an opportunity to replenish your health.

Among the cookies will be Kukishtein, aka Pechenkastein. Perhaps he will act as a boss, but he will also help open massive doors.

Also in the trailer you can see a fight in a large arena in the ranks of other cookies. I hope this is a hint at co-op play.

As they progress, players will solve puzzles. Ready to escape the oven and start your adventure?


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