Developers Remnants II significantly reworked the class system for the sequel and continue to acquaint players with the results of their work. The new video is dedicated to the handler – a support class with a tame dog.

  • Those players who choose this class as the main one will be happy with the main perk of the handler. If the player’s character is defeated, the dog can resurrect him if he has a special resource in his inventory. This perk is ideal for those who are going to play Remnants II by oneself.

  • The dog can be commanded to stay close, go to a certain point, or attack a specific enemy. This will help if you need to pass one of the segments stealthily.

  • The dog has a decent amount of health. The handler can constantly switch between three combat strategies that are responsible for the abilities and behavior of the pet.

  • In sentry mode, the dog gets the opportunity to attract the attention of opponents with the help of howling. Causing aggression on himself, the dog can save his comrades from the onslaught of crowds of enemies.

date of release Remnants II not yet announced, but the developers have indicated a new release window – summer 2023. The game will be available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Declared voice acting and text translation into Russian.

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The authors of Remnant II introduced the first game class


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