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In this guide, we will look at the tank damage system. From it you will learn about the weak points of tanks in War Thunder, where it is better to shoot at the tank, how to tear off the enemy turret, how to damage the ammunition load and destroy the crew.

Since there are no hit points (or HP, as they usually say) in War Thunder, in order to destroy vehicles, it will be necessary to damage the internal components and modules that mimic the significant combat nodes of the vehicle.

As we can see in Figure 1, the layout of the tank is not so poor, and there seems to be a great chance of damaging something, but it is not so easy to do so. The thing is that the internal components and modules are protected by armor plates that repeat the geometry of the visual model of the tank. So in order to damage the insides of the tank, you need to break through this very armor.

The thickness of the armor is different, but the most armored places are located in front. These are the front part of the turret, the gun mantlet and the upper armor plate of the hull. The bottom sheet of the tank’s hull is less armored, so if you are not sure about breaking through, then shoot there if possible.

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Now let’s move on to the T-34 tank model of 1941. Red in the picture shows decorative elements – tools, accessories, spare parts. On some tanks, these are screens. You probably noticed that when a land mine hits, they all shatter into pieces. This was done just for looks.

So, under what conditions does the destruction of equipment occur? You have probably noticed that when an enemy tank is destroyed, the tower sometimes flies off – in this case, the ammunition rack explodes. It can be destroyed with one hit or multiple hits. If the projectile has a large penetration margin, then there is a high chance of an explosion of ammunition from the first hit.

Vehicles can also be destroyed if the fuel tank is damaged, but here you should also take into account the penetration margin of the projectile, and if it hits with less damage, a fire is possible, which will also lead to the destruction of the tank. As a result of damage to the fuel tank, the explosion does not occur, the tank starts to burn, the fire reaches the fighting compartment, as a result, the commander, loader and gunner die. Then the flame reaches the ammunition and an explosion occurs. Towers. The same thing will happen if the projectile hits the engine. I would also like to note that if the entire crew dies, the tank will also be destroyed.

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What does the complete or partial defeat of some modules in War Thunder affect? If the engine is partially damaged, its power decreases, that is, the tank will pick up speed more slowly, it will be difficult for it to climb a hill, and it will turn more slowly. And if the transmission is damaged, the maximum speed of the tank decreases. If the horizontal guidance angle was partially damaged, then the rotation speed of the turret decreases, and if it is completely, the rotation is completely blocked. And if the vertical guidance is damaged, the increase of the gun will be slowed down or the vertical guidance will be completely blocked.

What will happen if the crew is defeated? If the gunner was wounded, the tank will slowly aim and its accuracy will deteriorate. If such a fate overtakes the loader, then everything is clear – the reload time increases. If the driver is injured, then the response time to the controls will increase, he will slowly press the pedals and levers. And if the driver is completely killed, then the tank will stop for a while until it is replaced by another crew member. The same goes for other crew members.

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If the barrel of a tank is damaged, then an explosion in the bore is possible, and if the breech is damaged, shooting is generally impossible.

What to do if a serious opponent has left for you? You don’t know what to do and start targeting vulnerable spots, trying to break through the lower armor plate, but to no avail, shooting at the targeting device, but it didn’t help either. And then, having lost all hope, you shoot at the forehead of the tower and go to surrender.

And it’s better not to go on the rampage, but to try to get the enemy on board – here the enemy’s armor is thinner, and there are more vulnerabilities. You can shoot at the side of the tower, destroy the crew and damage the combat pack. Another weak point is the side of the hull, where the ammunition rack is also located. And of course the engine room – why not set it on fire? But if it didn’t work out, then we remember the damage to the ammunition rack.

That’s all. Until new guides!



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