Goat Simulator 3 will be available on iOS and Android; release will take place on December 4, 2023. This is a paid game, so its cost will be 899 rubles.

Goat Simulator 3 Mobile offers players an open world that can be explored and destroyed to the ground. The list of pranks includes butting heads with residents, driving without a license and doing yoga.

You can create mayhem in a virtual city together with your friends on the Internet. Yes, Goat Simulator 3 Mobile supports co-op.

In addition to the giant island of San Angora, players will have access to 7 mini-games. You can also dress your goat in different gear, giving him new abilities and a fresh look.

You can see touch controls in the screenshots of Goat Simulator 3 Mobile. For now we are waiting for information about the system requirements, since the graphics look great, even on console. In this case, the weight of the game client will be about 2 GB, according to the App Store.

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