City of Outlaws is by far the best replacement for Grand Theft Auto on smartphones. An early version of this game is available in 2 countries – Thailand and Indonesia. You can play through Google Play, while not all smartphones are supported.

City of Outlaws players are involved in robbing banks and other luxury locations. The developers have added a whole story campaign with voice acting and normal voice actors.

The graphics in City of Outlaws are also top notch and are on par with games like Gangstar Vegas. The weapon sounds are realistic and the controls are completely manual.

Also, players will be allowed to ride in cars and shoot, leaning out of the window, according to the best traditions of the GTA series. The main task is to build your mafia empire and accumulate a lot of money.

City of Outlaws repeats the plot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This can be seen in the cut-scenes and dialogues of the protagonist with a local officer who meets him near the airport and says that he needs to stay out of trouble. Otherwise, problems will find him.

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