Cities: Skylines II is a game for PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, which again failed to live up to the bar of projects from Paradox Interactive; the latest example is the failure of The Lamplighters League, due to which the publisher “parted ways” with the developers from Harebrained Schemes.

Cities: Skylines II received mixed reviews upon its release on October 24. First, about the disadvantages – optimization limps, so FPS is low in the main menu and in the game itself; so you need to pick up a powerful PC or choose the console version.

At the same time, even critics of Cities: Skylines II note new features that are clearly better than those of the first Cities: Skylines. For example, drivers do not choose the shortest route and do not create artificial traffic jams; they look at the traffic congestion and try to choose a shortcut for themselves, bypassing the congestion.

“They learned to travel as a family!” – nightlyx reviewer.

How to improve FPS in Cities: Skylines II?

Turn off the depth of field completely. Then FPS will rise above 100 frames at 2K resolution.



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