Chrono Crystal is a tower defense mobile game. It was launched on Android; there is also a page on Steam through which you can pre-register. Judging by the cartoon style and game mechanics, the developers clearly took inspiration from the Kingdom Rush series. Players will fight in different biomes: forests, kingdoms, mines, snow-capped mountains and even volcanoes.

Against waves of enemies in Chrono Crystal, you can use 18 types of towers with their own skills and their effects. It is necessary to carry out constant castling of towers, since there are more than 90 enemies in this mobile project. 6 heroes will help ordinary units and towers; they can move freely around the map.

If at some point the missions of Chrono Crystal seem easy, the developers have added 2 additional difficulty levels: hard and hellish.

The only pity is that in the mobile game Chrono Crystal there is no co-op and online features. Also, the developers did not add Russian localization.

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