The editors of the Chinese site 3839 believe that Avatar: Reckoning will be released at the end of 2023 in Southeast Asia. However, a global release is expected only in 2024. So far there has been no official information from Ubisoft.

Chinese insiders also predicted that Avatar: Reckoning will be tested in the West in the second half of 2023. Testing in China is not expected until next year.

Let me remind you that Avatar Reckoning will have an original plot, so if you haven’t watched the films, you won’t lose anything. In this regard, mobile games help plug holes in the franchise’s overall narrative. Examples include Diablo Immortal and The Division Resurgence.

Avatar Reckoning will feature 4 main classes, third-person shootouts in corridor locations, and elements from role-playing games. The developers also promise an audiovisual feast of the soul for gamers. Most of all, players hope for a large number of vehicles, a variety of animals and plants.


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