It looks like our Chinese friends from NetEase have decided to take the place of the frankly failed Diablo Immortal. So already on August 12, they release their new isometric MMORPG on steam, called Demon Seals.

So, Demon Seals-is a free Action MMORPG in the style of Diablo, with an isometric camera and a dynamic hack’n’slash style combat system.

Perhaps one of the obvious disadvantages is the lack of localization. Moreover, there is no even English. So, you will have to explore the game exclusively in Chinese.

In addition, the developers say that we are waiting for six character classes and 18 combat styles.

The debut trailer honestly looks very promising, although it does not show the gameplay itself, but I personally wanted to feel the game.

In the meantime, just below you can look at the six-minute trailer for the game.


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