Studio thatgamecompanywho gave the world Journey and Flowerripe to release another port of the shareware adventure Sky: Children of the Light. PlayStation 4 and 5 will join mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

The developers announced this on the project website. “During the development Sky we intended to release it on a wide range of platforms so that users can gather in the game regardless of the chosen device,” the entry says. To reach the goal, version Sky: Children of the Light for the PlayStation will provide cross-play.

The team did not specify exactly when. Sky: Children of the Light will land on the PlayStation. Judging by the text of the announcement, a beta test of the game is planned, but the start date was also not indicated. Apparently, this and other details will be discussed later.

Recall the debut Sky: Children of the Light took place in July 2019 with a release on iOS. In April 2020, the adventure went to Android devices, and in June 2021, it found itself in the arms of Switch. Over the entire existence of the game, the number of unique downloads has exceeded for 100 million.


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