The popular post-apocalyptic RPG has been replenished with new heroes as part of the Halloween event.

The collaboration kicked off for the Halloween season on October 27 and will take place in two phases. The first phase will focus on Resident Evil Village, while the second phase, starting December 1, will center around Resident Evil 4 (2023).

In the first phase, State of Survival players join forces with characters from the Resident Evil series, including Chris Redfield and the fearsome Lady Dimitrescu. In the game’s universe, a deadly virus has devastated the globe, causing uncontrollable mutations. State of Survival heroes Sarge and Becca face a new threat in the form of Lady Dimitrescu along with new hero Chris.

In the second collaboration with Resident Evil 4 (2023), players will meet two new heroes, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Gamers will be able to unlock playable characters from Resident Evil, themed headquarters skins, settlement decorations, avatar frames and much more.


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