The video has subtitles in Russian.

the day before Creative Assembly introduced extension Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs For Total War: Warhammer III. If the previously released trailer wasn’t enough for you, check out the lengthy gameplay video of the Chaos Dwarfs in action. In addition, the developers have set up a new in-house studio in Newcastle.

The video shows the gameplay for the dwarves led by Astragot Ironhand – the high priest of Hashut with petrified limbs. The developers spoke in more detail about the faction, and also demonstrated powerful units in the face of bull centaurs and great bulls.

The Chaos Dwarfs have a variety of melee and ranged units at their disposal, and the Hashuta school of magic is replete with fiery blessings. Hard-working creatures build not simple settlements, but outposts, factories and towers. Each structure has its own purpose: outposts extract raw materials, factories turn them into weapons and gold, and towers serve as provincial capitals.

When playing as the Chaos Dwarfs, it is important to pay attention to the economy – you need to ensure the flow of gold to the treasury, monitor the balance of raw materials, weapons and labor resources. In addition, it is possible to trade with the help of military columns. The faction’s technology tree is divided into warfare, sorcery, and industry.

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will be released on April 13 along with update 3.0 for Total War: Warhammer IIIa set of legendary Lords and one legendary Hero.

As for the new studio Creative Assembly, the team founded another office in Foggy Albion, but this time in Newcastle. Will be at the head Gisele Stuart (Giselle Stewart), formerly Director of Corporate Affairs Ubisoft in the UK, and for almost 20 years led Ubisoft Reflections.

fresh division Creative Assembly North is already working on an unannounced project with the Sussex studio staff. At the same time, the northern team will focus on improving tools and workflows. The team plans to hire 100 people.

New DLC for Total War: Warhammer III will be released on April 13

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New DLC for Total War: Warhammer III will be released on April 13


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