In 2022, CD Projekt RED announced that it would be phasing out work on the free-to-play collectible card game Gwent. Update 11.10released October 17, added last batch of patches and a new Balance Tips feature. Now the studio no longer interferes in the affairs of players and Gwent, and the community is responsible for all balance changes.

As the developers from CD Projekt stated in the review video:

“10.11 is the final developer content update for Gwent, after which we will no longer be changing or adding maps. Instead, we created a system (you can see it in the main menu) called the Balance Council.”

Balance tip will allow players with at least a prestige level of 1, at least 25 wins in ranked games in the current season, or rank 0, to vote on changes once a month. Each player will be able to vote on up to three leader cards or abilities and choose to increase or decrease their power or cost. The first choice is worth three votes, the second is worth two votes, and the third is worth one.

For changes to take effect, a card or ability must receive at least 50 votes in a month. And the maximum number of changes in each monthly group should not be more than 15 and less than 3. The purpose of these rules is to introduce more unpredictability into meta-testing, but at the same time not make it too chaotic.


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