The last challenge in the Omen quest set is for the player to find five CB radios on the map. Unlike the rest of the quests in the current season, the location of the radio stations is not highlighted when the quest is marked as selected on the quest screen. In this article, we will tell you how to find all the CB radios you need to complete the test.

First, let’s see what a CB radio looks like so you know what to look for.

Where to find CB radio in Fortnite

As mentioned above, you will need to find five radio stations in order to complete the task. The map below shows each location where you can find a CB radio.
And for those who prefer written explanations, we also have this option:

  • First location: Moving north from the Hidden Stronghold, you will see a hut on wooden legs. The radio is hidden under it.
  • Second location: To the east of the Rocky Cliffs you will find a hut with a telescope, in front of which there is a radio.
  • Third location: Head northeast of the Giant Cooling Towers, where you’ll find another radio in a shipping container.
  • Fourth location: The radio is located under the stairs of a wooden house on a hill southwest of the Misty Meadows.
  • Fifth location: To find the last radio, head south of the Slurping Swamp and look for a small island off the coast. There, next to several tents and containers, you will find a radio.

What to do with CB radios

When you find the radio, just get close to it and interact with the X button on Xbox, square on PS4, Y on the game console, and E on the computer.

That’s all there is to know about finding CB radios in Fortnite during the Omen quest series.


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