Dragon Realms is a mobile RPG game that began its trial launch in the UK on October 10; Moreover, the game itself says that the servers were launched on the 17th. You can only play on Android, although on the official website the App Store logo is shown with a broken link.

Dragon Realms has a “medieval fantasy” storyline and setting. The story revolves around a girl and boy who are caught in a storm on a sailing ship; Because of this, they ended up on an island with monsters.

Unfortunately, the Russian language may not be in this mobile game. As for the battles, they take place in a step-by-step and semi-automatic format. For victories, the player is given rewards for leveling up and experience. In the future, you will be able to join a clan to complete special quests, go on dragon raids, and exchange items.

In addition to battles, you can also explore maps, but in a limited format. For example, there is no free movement, these are mostly scripted actions: tap on a monster and send a squad for battle, talk to NPCs, and so on.

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