Nine Realms: Revolt is a card game that was released on October 16th on Steam. Now, on October 19, the project was released on Google Play; There is no information about the iOS version. One of the advantages of Nine Realms: Revolt is that it has Russian localization, according to Steam.

Nine Realms: Revolt has a Scandinavian setting, so even the names of the cards are stylized as runic inscriptions. According to the plot, Ragnarok occurred, that is, the End of the World. The old gods died, and the fire giant Revna captured Asgard. Ultimately, players will embark on a journey to unite the kingdoms and destroy Revn.

Nine Realms: Revolt features a PvE campaign where players will take on the role of a young elf. In total, the game offers 50 scenarios with their own story, dialogues, opponents and decks.

There are more than 135 maps in Nine Realms: Revolt. Some of them are unlocked during travel. One of the features of this game is that it uses the rules of the old school card game like Magic The Gathering, as well as the mechanics of games with dice, that is, cubes.

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