Mad King is a cartoon and cross-platform game in the CCG genre. In it, gamers collect heroic commanders and basic cards: attack, restore health, drink a potion, and so on. This is necessary to win PvE matches.

On October 18, Mad King developers published a post on Steam, which announced the start of a beta test with a prologue. This applies not only to the PC version, but also to the mobile one. So, although the project was launched in the App Store on October 15, and on Google Play on February 14 of this year, the description still talks about testing. Also, in the Android version of Mad King, many sections and content are blocked, except for training and PvE missions.

In terms of available or unlockable content, Mad King has 3 modes:

  • 1v1;
  • 2v2;
  • For 5 players.

As for the gameplay, despite the dampness it seems fresh when compared with the mastodons of the genre: Hearthstone, Gwent and Magic the Gathering.

Mad King is helped by the fact that the game doesn’t seem to take itself seriously, while still trying to innovate the established CCG genre.

Gameplay features of Mad King

  1. The player can choose 2 heroes for the match – if one dies, the second can take his place. Despite this, matches last about 2-3 minutes;
  2. Each hero has a limited HP of 4. The number of cards he can hold in his hand also depends on this: if at the end of the round there are more of them than HP, then the extra cards must be discarded;
  3. The hero’s avatars are animated and mobile – when the player decides to eat an apple to restore HP, the character picks it up and bites it. And if you use an active skill, the hero changes in appearance.

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