Few would have thought that Resident Evil Village would ever run natively on an iPad Pro or even a smartphone, even though it is the top-end iPhone 15 Pro. All thanks to the appearance of the M2 and A17 Pro chipsets, as well as one more ingredient that we will talk about later.

Authors of the publication gamesindustry.biz complain that Capcom did not optimize touch controls and did not adjust the interface for small screens. Because of this, the only normal option to play through RE8 is using a Bluetooth controller, such as the DualSense from the PlayStation 5. And speaking of touch controls, there are a lot of buttons appearing all over the screen.

Without porting Resident Evil Village to MacOS, publisher Capcom might never have decided to release the 8th part on iOS and iPadOS. This is what Masachika Kawata says:

“We updated the RE Engine to support MacOS, so it was easy to continue working on porting RE8 to iOS. Both operating systems are similar in some ways, so once you start working on one of them, you can continue development on the other without any problems.”

In the future, developers from Capcom may seriously think about developing new Resident Evil parts simultaneously for all platforms, including smartphones. Of course, we are not talking about Android yet. But there are no specific plans yet; everything depends on the development of mobile capacities.


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