At the second meeting with analysts and investors, Capcom presented a report for the second half of the fiscal year and told about the upcoming unannounced project, which should be released before March 31, 2024. According to the management, this particular game will sell “millions of copies” and will allow them to achieve record sales. Fans have been waiting for the announcement of the new product for a long time – everyone thought that it would be presented at Tokyo Game Show 2023, but this did not happen.

According to Capcom’s announcement:

“In the second half of the current fiscal year, we plan to release the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney trilogy, scheduled for January, and an unannounced major game. We are also taking measures to popularize previously released projects in order to achieve the target indicators.”

According to community assumptions, the announcement of the new product could have been deliberately postponed for Apple presentation, which will be held on October 31 under the slogan “Frighteningly fast.” It is already known that the apple giant will enlist the support of gaming studios there, as well as about participation in the presentation of “a certain Japanese company.”

Another possible option is that the game will be presented to Nintendo Switch 2, but the console is unlikely to be released until next fall. So the chances are low. Perhaps the unannounced game will be presented at The Game Awards 2023, but there is also a problem – there will be less than three months left before the expected announcement.


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