The presentation of Call of Duty: Next began with a dynamic trailer with multiplayer battles from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Eminem plays in the background, shouting about his superiority over others in the track “Till I Collapse

Publisher Activision recalled that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III comes out on November 10, so we only have to wait a little over a month. And so that players can see what it’s like to play MWIII multiplayer, the developers invited about 200 content creators.

Also at CoD: Next there were major developers from Sledgehammer who are working on MWIII.

The Modern Warfare III beta test will begin on October 6 for PlayStation 5 owners and those who purchased the Premium version. Read more in this article.

Afterwards, the MWIII multiplayer show began. The gameplay is very dynamic, which is why the pixels on the broadcast did not have time to load. Basically, if you’ve played previous Modern Warfare titles and are familiar with the core mechanics of Call of Duty, then the third installment will be familiar.

When the developers from Sledgehammer were asked how the maps from classic MWII differed from those in MWIII, they answered that they had to be brought up to modern standards. There will be 16 maps at the start, and 12 more will be added in the future.

Among the old maps there will also be new maps for individual modes, including “Ground Wars” Also, some maps will have modes that were previously unavailable.


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