Season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile titled “Get Wrecked!” comes out May 31st. This was stated by the developers, who also showed a fresh trailer and talked about a fresh battle pass. Those who buy the pass will receive skins and blueprints for guns such as the AK117, ZRG 20MM and FFAR 1.

Also in Call of Duty Mobile will add the Armada Strike map from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This means that players will be on a deadly ship, or rather, on its deck and in a cabin. Daredevils will be able to jump into the water or capture the central control room.

Multiplayer mode for Call of Duty Mobile

Also in this mobile shooter will add a new mode, “Search & Rescue”. The gameplay in it is similar to Counter-Strike – gamers are divided into 2 teams, one is trying to plant a bomb, and the second is to defuse it. Like in CS, in the Search & Rescue mode, fallen players can only be resurrected at the beginning of the next round.

The developers of Call of Duty Mobile have also updated the tournaments. Now you can get a weekly reward for participating in them. Players are promised cooler prizes.


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