Unlike the basic Horizon Forbidden Westextension Burning Shores will bypass the PlayStation 4 and visit only the PS5. In an interview with the PlayStation blog, game director Guerrilla Games Matijs de Jong (Mathijs de Jonge) acknowledged that the exclusivity for the current console has benefited the project.

Burning Shores takes place in a devastated Los Angeles. According to de Jongin addition, the world is even richer than in “Forbidden West”:

When creating games in a series Horizon we strive to fill the locations with a mass of details. Adding or improving something in Horizon Forbidden West, we had to consider optimization for PS4. Because in the case of Burning Shores we focused only on PS5, we managed to take a big step forward. We are very pleased with the great post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles that we got.

The ruins of the city and their surroundings are full of little things. For stable operation, especially during flights, when the player sees vast areas, large computing power and fast loading technology are needed. One of the settlements is located in and around these highly detailed ruins, and we managed to make it very lively.

Also worth mentioning is one of the fight scenes, which needs a LOT of memory and processing power! The numerous advantages of PS5 hardware made it possible to realize this grandiose idea both technically and creatively.

The developer also said that he had played a lot of time in Elden Ring. However, my favorite game for the PlayStation 5 de Jong called another action – God of War: Ragnarök from colleagues from Sony Santa Monica. Separately, the game director praised the character design and the beauty of Ragnarok in general.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores starts April 19th.


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