Boxes: Lost Fragments is a mobile puzzle game. It’s reminiscent of The Room series, where you interact with boxes and other objects in 3D to solve riddles.

Boxes: Lost Fragments is available for pre-registration on iOS and Android. The release will take place on April 10, 2024, according to the App Store.

Players of Boxes: Lost Fragments will take on the role of a legendary thief whose next task is a luxurious mansion. It turns out that perhaps none of us controls what is happening around us, but vice versa. Despite the lack of Russian language, the plot is unlikely to be presented in text form; rather through objects and surroundings.

Boxes: Lost Fragments will offer 20 boxes with unique puzzles and intuitive controls. Judging by the trailer, the soundtrack will also be excellent. And you can probably get tips by watching ads.

What other games did Snapbreak release?

Snabreak studio developed Lost in Play. These people are also responsible for Tiny Robots Recharged and the Doors puzzle series.

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