Not sure how to play the Borderlands games in the correct order? Follow this guide.

If you are confused, this guide will help you with the correct order to play the Borderlands games.

Borderlands series in order

  1. Borderlands
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
  4. Tales from the Borderlands
  5. Borderlands 3


The pre-sequel mostly takes place between Borderlands and Borderlands 2. The reason you should play Borderlands 2 first is because the Pre-Sequel’s introduction and ending take place after Borderlands 2. Most of the game is told through flashbacks before BL2. , but it contains spoilers for Borderlands 2, especially in the intro and its conclusion. The dialogue also contains spoilers for the events of Borderlands 2.

You don’t have to play Tales from the Borderlands before Borderlands 3. But it helps. Tales from the Borderlands takes place after BL2 but before BL3. Tales from the Borderlands has events coming to Borderlands 3.


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