Gentlemen, Comrades, Friends … and not, better without commas) – Lord Comrades Friends! Greetings, this is the third part of the WarThunder aircraft class guides and today we will talk about bombers! Yes, yes, about these big clumsy things that can carry several tons of explosives on board, and with more luck having bombed several enemy points, fly several kilometers, and again bomb new enemy points. We will talk in more detail below, again with tactics and the most effective application.

About “Bombers” in general

Well, what can I say, everything is clear from the name, the main purpose of this aircraft is the bombing of ground targets. Most of the bombers do not have weapons in the nose of the aircraft, but all have different kinds of turrets, these are machine gun points controlled by AI, by pressing the “V” key you can switch to one of the turrets and shoot yourself, the quality of shooting should increase . It should also be noted that the bombers are mostly very large and not very maneuverable, and they also start higher and farther relative to the fighters, so it takes us much longer to fly to the targets. On the SB 2U-103 bomber, you can carry 3 bombs of 500 kg each, and we will consider the tactics for this type of bombers.

Tactics for “Bombers” in War Thunder

The ideal action would be the following concept: Here you are starting, you are flying high, on board you have 3 bombs of 500 kg, or 2 of 500 and 2 of 250, in any case you have on board one and a half tons of explosives, the only difference is that when you have 4 bombs, you will be able to hit a large number of enemy units, actually it all depends on the map and the direction you have chosen.

So, you are approaching the targets, I advise you to stay at an altitude of about 1 km, and try not to dive, this is a heavy car, and it’s not a fact that you won’t break it, plus when you drop a bomb at a low altitude, there is a great chance that you will be covered by an explosive wave , and that’s it. Let’s assume that everything worked out for you, you dropped the bombs, usually the reload lasts 1-2 minutes, and there are already two options: The first, or the entire enemy team has already ganged up on you, and is flying towards you, punishing you, and the second, the enemy team lucky for the deer, and they don’t care who bombs them there.

For the first option, everything is simple, you have 10-15 destroyed armored vehicles on your account, and in any case you are in the black, if you see that the situation is hopeless, try to show heroism in any way, as soon as possible bring your already, most likely on fire, aircraft to enemy ground targets, air defense at airfields would be the best option, and then I think you already understood, crash yourself and defeat the enemy, you have nothing to lose, and the enemy decided on an important defense cell, plus you didn’t surrender to the enemy.

Well, if the enemy is in no hurry to save his base, continue bombing until the situation reaches point “one”. Well, until the enemies run out. In this case, do not write off crashing on the rocks, try to land your plane, for landing outside the runway and most likely with a broken engine, you will be given 2000 XP (2x experience individually for the plane).


I think that now everything has become very clear to many, and you yourself will decide whether you will fly bombers or not … In general, good luck to you comrades, and see you again!


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