Bomber Wasp is a mobile game that is reminiscent of Cuphead in art and gameplay. This time, instead of cups, the player will control a ladybug, whose goal is to get to the end of the level and survive. The fact is that there will be many forest enemies on the way, mostly malicious wasps.

So far, Bomber Wasp is undergoing pre-registration in the App Store and Google Play. The release will take place on November 30, according to the first market. There will be no Russian language, and it won’t be needed – there may not be a plot as such.

Bomber Wasp will offer different levels during which you need to collect energy to use the ultimate. And you can spend the resources you receive on leveling up your character.

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The main thing is to pump up and show your reflexes, since this determines whether you will reach the end of the level or not. From the screenshots you can tell that this will be a fun game with a timer to complete.

If you want to try something similar from the Element6 Technologies studio, they have 2 more mobile games:

  • Winged Survivors: Flying Game;
  • SwatzZapz.

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