Following pre-announced plans, on October 25, the Japanese version of Blue Protocol received a rather large update 1.02.000. It brought with it a continuation of the main storyline of quests, a huge number of additional quests, new activities and all kinds of changes, as well as improvements. In this article we will analyze all this in detail.


We will start with a list of the most interesting small, but no less important changes and innovations:

  • We have added an additional security system in the form of a PIN code that you need to enter before entering the world. When you first start the game, you will be asked to create it and then enter it using a virtual block. The numbers on the latter, according to a fairly standard pattern, are scattered in random order and change their location every time a block appears.
  • The maximum possible character level has been increased from 50 to 60.
  • The maximum possible level of a weapon (class) has been increased from 50 to 60.
  • The maximum possible level of B and E imagine has been increased from 50 to 60.
  • The main storyline of quests has been improved: the amount of experience you receive has been increased, and the level of enemies in special single story zones/dungeons has been reduced.
  • We have increased the amount of experience you receive for successfully completing dungeons.
  • A new system has been added: after destroying enemies in locations or dungeons, with a certain probability a special named elite may appear, killing her will give you a headdress. At the time of this writing, a gold or silver rabbit may appear.
  • The main menu can now be opened while the character is performing some interactive action, for example, sitting on a chair.

  • Improved adventure boards with the following changes:
    • If I understood the meaning correctly, on the new boards the progress of tasks related to collecting / killing opponents / obtaining items occurs simultaneously, and not separately, as before.
    • On already received (old) boards, all tasks related to collecting/killing opponents/obtaining items now have a three-fold multiplier. This will make them easier to complete.
    • In some new boards, certain tasks are completed automatically due to the fact that the player has already fulfilled the conditions associated with them while exploring the world.
    • The adventure rank boards have been improved by changing the objectives so that they can be completed during the main story questline. Simply put, you won’t have to be distracted by third-party things.
Blue Protocol - taking a look at what the October update brought with it
  • The characteristics of the following series of weapons have been increased:
    • Initial (basic weapon for level 1, sold at the gunsmith) – now the damage is 49 units instead of 25, the crit chance is unchanged, and the characteristics have increased by one and a half or two times.
    • Fiery (craft option for level 2) – damage 65 instead of 38, critical chance 13% instead of 12%, and characteristics have increased by one and a half or two times.
    • Electric (craft option for level 10) – damage 76 instead of 51, crit chance unchanged, characteristics increased by one and a half or two times.
  • I don’t know if this was added in this update, but due to the huge column of energy, teleport points are now much easier to spot.
  • New face customization options have been added to the character editor for each gender.
Blue Protocol - taking a look at what the October update brought with it

New quests

We added a 4th story chapter called “Cross the swords for…”. It consists of 7 small and, I would say, very simple quests (of course, if you don’t take into account single dungeons), and to start the first one you will need a character of level 48, and for the last – 55. What’s most interesting is if you start going through the chapter with a character of level 50 , by the end of it you will have raised 59 and a half, that is, without much effort you will almost take a new level cap.

If I understood the translation correctly, in addition to the plot chapter they added:

  • 64 side quests.
  • 7 personal quests (tell the story of the NPC).
  • 3 event quests.
  • 2 special quests.

New locations

In the process of completing a new story chapter (to be extremely precise, after sailing on a ship), two new locations open up:

  • 西バ-ンハル卜半島 (West Bernhard) – main location. It is presented as a gloomy rocky area, sometimes covered with fog. Divided into 3 regions, each contains the standard set of content: resources, side quests, various new normal enemies and 6 named enemies (2 per region).
  • バ一ンハルト城内部 (Inner courtyard of Bernhard Castle) – an additional location, at the time of this article it acts exclusively as a place where some story quests are located. Simply put, there are no resources, opponents, etc.

New equipment

Added new weapons:

  • Collection of variable power level 45 – deals damage with the elements of earth.
  • Level 45 owl collection – deals damage with the element of darkness.
  • Beacon of Hope collection level 50 – deals light elemental damage.
  • World Guardian Collection level 50 – deals fire elemental damage.
  • Hydraulic collection level 50 – deals ice elemental damage.
  • Crystal collection level 60 (adventure rank 10 is also required) – deals ice elemental damage.

The power/hope/peace/hydraulics collection board is given out as you complete a new story chapter, the owl board is given out for completing a new regular dungeon, and the crystal board is given out for completing a new difficult dungeon.

Added new imagine:

  • 9 pieces of type B – to be very precise, the patch notes mention 9, but I found only 8 in the game and the database. Almost all level 50 blueprints can be obtained from the elites of the new location / new open dungeons.
  • 5 pieces of type E – almost all level 50, with the exception of one option, which is needed exclusively for passing the adventure rank 10 test. Blueprints for the level 50 variant drop from red chests in new open dungeons, and the previously mentioned exception is given out through the story quest.

New content

  • Added boards for adventure ranks 10 and 11. To move to rank 10 you need to complete a special adventure board and pass a test, and to move to rank 11 you just need to complete the board.
  • We added 2 new open dungeons – both contain all kinds of resources, regular and red containers, various opponents and one named enemy.
    • 暁の虫砦・自由探索 – a multi-level hive located in a desert location.
    • 呪霊たちの棲家・自由探索 – mines located in a new location.

  • Added 5 new regular dungeons:
    • カルトゥームの砂岩回廊・追加調査 – to enter you need character level 45 and equipment level 3430 (GSa). As you progress through the dungeon, periodically, in order to open the door further, you will have to look for and return the batteries.
    • ソプラの山道・調査 – Level 45 and 3460 GSa. The reward for completing the first time is an owl collection board.
    • アルストン廃坑・追加調査 – Level 48 and 3800 GSa. In some areas of the dungeon, rocks periodically fall from the ceiling, causing damage if you are caught in the area.
    • バーンハルト城旧地下水路・追加調査 – Level 50 and 4120 GSa.
    • ドラーヴァ王立研究所・追加調査 – Level 50 and 4370 GSa. As you progress through the dungeon, periodically, in order to open the door further, you will have to solve a small riddle related to the activation of symbols in the correct sequence.

  • We added 2 difficult dungeons – both options will have to be completed if you want to craft top level 60 weapons.
    • 凶闘!機跡の谷 – Level 55 and 4900 GSa.
    • 猛掘!ボルオム遺跡 – Level 55 and 4900 GSa. As a reward for the first passage you are given a crystal collection board.
  • We added one new PvE arena – level 45 and 4650 GSa. After successful completion, the difficult version opens – level 55 and 5400 GSA
  • Several new floors were added to the second tower. For the first playthrough you will be given a new headdress and 5 free gacha twists.
  • A new seasonal raid has been added, available from October 25 to November 22. This time, instead of another variety of the basic dragon, you will have to challenge a huge level 67 worm, it lives in the sandy region. Available to players with equipment level (GSom) – 4460 and weapon level – 50+.


Classes received the following, sometimes quite interesting changes:

  • For all classes, the level of the basic (LMB) and special ability (RMB) can now be pumped up to 4. For example, with a bow, level 4 LMB puts a debuff on the enemy that reduces resistance to the elements of earth, and RMB increases how much class energy the character receives when dealing a normal damagedamage to a vulnerable spot.
    • Level 4 of a basic ability unlocks at level 51, and a class ability at level 55.
  • The ultimate of the twin striker class and two abilities of the heavy smasher class have been improved so that during the casting process, you can change the direction of the character’s movement if you wish.
  • 6 abilities of the heavy smasher class have been improved, increasing the speed of their application or, more simply, the casting speed by 20-50%. Certain variants have increased their overall speed, while others have increased the speed of individual strikes.


And at the end of the article, a little about events and interesting store updates:

  • We launched a new battle pass that allows you to get a blueprint for the new B imagine at rank 100.
  • We launched two new gachas:
    • The first allows you to get, in my opinion, very attractive costumes. Each floor has 3 options in two different colors.
    • The second allows you to get a new mount – a mechanized wolf, 3 different colors are available.
    • In addition, both gachas contain a standard set of goods: weapon skins, character decorations, and all sorts of useful items.
  • We launched an in-game event that allows you to purchase various items for event currency (issued for daily login). The assortment is as follows: decorations for the character and various useful items.
  • We launched a screenshot event.

IP Suchkov D. D. INN 526212155589 erid: 2VtzquihzUc

IP Suchkov D. D. INN 526212155589 erid: 2VtzquihzUc

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