While the European Union and common sense require Apple to introduce universal solutions – USB-C and permission to third-party markets – some decisions within the IT giant from Cupertino follow old and well-trodden paths.

Yes, edition Bloomberg reported that during the time of Steve Jobs, Apple was working on a device that would measure blood sugar in a non-invasive way. The plans also included smart scales and devices for measuring blood pressure. Some of the ideas were supposed to end up in the Apple Watch.

Apple also thought about the compatibility of smartwatches with Android devices. The work was almost finished, but the project was eventually cancelled. Thus, an iPhone is required to activate the Apple Watch, which is a good excuse to buy a new smartphone from Apple.

It turns out that, despite illusory moves towards universality, Tim Cook’s company continues to draw users into its ecosystem. And they will give up any good ideas, just not to lose their tight grip.


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