The people, who asked not to be named and are familiar with the company’s plans, announced that Rockstar Games plans to unveil the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI this week. Next, according to insiders, the studio will publish a trailer for the game – just in time for Rockstar’s 25th anniversary, which will take place in December.

As specified in Bloombergwhere the news came from, the informant asked to remain incognito, because he does not have the right to report such information publicly.

Let’s just remind you that no video game has created as much excitement from the community as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. What can we say if news about its “imminent announcement” appears like mushrooms after rain.

According to the plans of investors and the studio itself, the game will become the most significant release of the decade – even louder than the previous part. And GTA V is still the second best-selling game in the world after Minecraft, with more than 185 million copies sold.

In 2022, hackers leaked several hours of early gameplay from Grand Theft Auto VI. The case ended with a lawsuit and a statement from Rockstar that the studio would “properly present the next game when it’s ready.” As far as we know at the moment, the action of the new part will take place in Miami, and you will have to play as a man or a woman.


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