According to Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard and NetEase canceled mobile spin-off World of Warcraft. The companies did not agree on financial terms.

MMORPG codenamed Neptune has been in development for over three years. This is not a port World of Warcraft – the events of the mobile game unfolded in the same universe, but in a different period.

After cancellation NetEase disbanded a team of more than 100 developers who were tasked with creating content for Neptune. Only a few of them were offered to move to another position in the corporation.

Recall that in 2022 Blizzard for an unknown reason closed the production of another mobile Warcraft – in the spirit Pokémon Go. A game with a working name Orbis have been doing it for more than four years, which is a very long time by the standards of a mobile project.

However, at least one new Warcraft for iOS and Android should get to the release. It’s about Arclight Rumble is an action strategy game that was introduced in May. True, the fans were unhappy with the announcement.


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