Activision Blizzard, now owned by Microsoft, was one of the first to join Western sanctions against Russia. Players who did not want to put up with this found ways around it. At some point, it seemed that “the sea had calmed down” and Blizzard would not put any more spokes in the wheels. The blow came from where it was not expected.

Diablo Immortal servers cannot be accessed via Russian IP addresses. This problem was first pointed out by AppTime editorial member “OneekO3Z7”. At first he thought it was a client error and downloaded 40 GB 2 times on different devices, erasing the cache and data. It turned out that everything was much simpler – Blizzard does not allow access to the Diablo Immortal servers if the player is not connected to a VPN. At the same time, there is a possibility that only premium and private servers work – at least we haven’t tried the free options.

I personally checked this situation – no matter how many times I tap on the screen, it doesn’t even show a list of servers.

Perhaps this decision was influenced by the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. At least we will never know the whole truth – Western companies are reluctant to respond to requests from Russian media, in rare cases using the well-worn wording: “We work within the laws of our country.”


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