On October 4, Blizzard held a live broadcast and announced the release Diablo IV on the Steam platform. On October 17, 2023, just in time for the release of the second season of the game, it will be available for purchase. There is currently no price for Diablo IV, but it can be added to your wishlist.

It is already known that Steam version will not only be cross-platform, but also with Steam Deck support. Blizzard clarified that the game will still require a Battle.net account, but the version from it cannot be transferred to Steam.

Diablo IV will be the second game from the studio to appear in the Valve store – the first was Overwatch 2, which currently has only 10% positive reviews. PC Gamer put forward a theorythat the new part of Diablo can easily expect a similar result. On Battle.net, players have no voting rights, but on Steam, it’s completely the opposite.

The second season of Diablo IV, with which the game will be released, is called Season of Blood. The update will bring with it not only a new story, quests, skills and bosses, but also corrections of old mechanics and bugs. According to the plot, the hunters of the Dark Lord have returned to the world, whom we will hunt down in the catacombs of Sanctuary. A new character will help us with this – the vampire hunter Eris.



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