For the mobile game Bleach: Soul Resonance, a new trailer has appeared on YouTube. It was released in honor of the imminent start of the beta test “The Unsheathed Test”. While there is little information, you need to fill out a form via official siteto receive a gift set. Deadline – December 8.

In Bleach: Soul Resonance, players will experience dynamic third-person combat while manually controlling their character. The locations are different – from the night city to sunny forest landscapes. Basically you will have to fight against monsters: both ordinary mobs and huge bosses.

There will be many characters in Bleach: Soul Resonance, each of them has their own role and abilities – some use a sword, some use a bow, and some use magic.

The graphics in Bleach: Soul Resonance are impressive – something you don’t usually expect from mobile F2P games based on anime franchises.

Almost 69,000 people had pre-registered at the time of writing. This is not enough to open all the rewards – you need to get 2 million. I think all the prizes will be available by the release.


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